The Kanoe experience is built around Japan's most important ingredient: RICE.

KANOE’s Omakase is a journey in search of the perfect harmony in the preparation of our rice, highlighting nuances of temperature, acidity and texture, evolving throughout the selection of seasonal fish presented each night.

A journey to preserve and continue the teachings we inherited from our ancestors in an intimate atmosphere that accommodates only 8 guests per night.


At KANOE, we practice maximum respect for ingredients as a way of honoring nature and everything we obtain from it. An ingredient in vain is a life in vain.

For us, cooking is the way we find to perpetuate and transmit the legacy of our ancestors to the next generations. Honoring the timelessness of the style of taking such a journey with creative expression and discipline through art – as the Japanese did.


With a color palette inspired by WASHI – rice paper – KANOE’s minimalist and intimate environment comfortably accommodates 8 guests per night facing our kitchen.

Our living room is like a blank canvas where we imagine ourselves creating a new painting every night, using the colors of the ingredients, the clothes and the stories each guest brings with them to share with us.